I Support the Cubs in Mesa
I Support the Cubs in Mesa

"Wrigleyville West," will be a unique sports, entertainment and retail destination that will celebrate the culture and popularity of the Chicago Cubs. "Wrigleyville West" will be the new Spring Training home for the Chicago Cubs in Mesa, Arizona. This new development will include an expanded, modern stadium facility that will meet the growing popularity of the Chicago Cubs and provide for a retail and entertainment venue in Mesa.


"Wrigleyville West" sill look to leverage the strength of Chicago Cubs brand and committed fan base to create additional economic development opportunities in Mesa, AZ.

The City of Mesa and the Chicago Cubs have the most successful partnership in Spring Training. Our long history together, strong commitment, and mutual support, has created an enduring relationship that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. This powerful connection between Mesa and the Cubs not only endures the test of time, but enables each organization to grow and thrive.

The City of Mesa has a proven track record working with the Chicago Cubs. Year after year, the City delivers positive results. Mesa city staff and residents truly care about the team, the players, and the fans. This strong foundation translates directly into strong return on investment and positive growth.

The City of Mesa is committed for the long-run-to partner with the Cubs to enhance the Cubs fan experience, improve player development year-round, and build a team that succeeds to the playoffs to win the World Series.

Mesa, Arizona is the premier destination for the Chicago Cubs and "Wrigleyville West."

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